Sunday, April 5, 2015

Star Wars Party with R2D2 Cake

When I'm not writing, I have a few hobbies that I like to do. They are fun, help expand my brain, and are a creative outlet. Though I've never felt like I was very talented at art, I do love to create. When my sister-in-law asked for my help with my older brother's surprise 40th birthday party, I was all in! I love parties and I love surprises. Star Wars themed? Count me in (yes, I do like a dash of sci-fi every now and then).

Then I volunteered for the cake, because, well, I really wanted to make the party special for my brother. You only turn the BIG 4-0 once. So I decided to channel my inner Cake Boss and got to work. This isn't my first cake. I've done several cakes before this one, but none quite like this.

Can you find the cake?

What if I said that it was an R2D2 cake?
No, that is not an R2D2 toy. It's a cake!

Don't believe me? Look closer.
R2D2 Cake
The legs are made of rice crispy treats. The dome is also made of rice crispy treats using a bowl as a mold. The rest of the body was a delicious fudge chocolate cake - probably the best tasting cake I've ever made. Find the recipe on my blog here

 I used B-Side Blog for cake decorating inspiration and Cute Sweet Things Blog for more ideas and the pattern for the legs. The rest I just looked at the original R2D2 and kind of made it up as I went along. All the exterior pieces were made from marshmallow fondant. I coated the legs and head with melted white chocolate (so the fondant would have something smoother under it) and the cake body with chocolate butter cream frosting

Here's some of the other pictures of the food and decor:

I found FREE PDF of the food labels here and
added some of my own in Photoshop using a Star Wars font.

Jar Jar Links

Thermal Detonators

Vader Veggies

Wookie Cookie Salad

Princess Leia Buns (cinnamon rolls)

Princess "Lays" (Lay potato chips)

Death Star: My awesome nephew carved this out of a watermelon!

Palpatine's Pizza (bagel bites)

Use the "forks"

R2D2 Waters (link to FREE Droid water bottle labels here)

We found the poster at our local Hobby Lobby
and a friend made little labels for the candy bars in the bowl that said,
"Happy 40th Birthday"

Yoda Soda (any green drink will do)

Mason jars with Star Wars labels glues on the lids.

One last look at the R2D2 Cake.


  1. Just STOP being so amazing will you?! But don't stop, you are so amazingly talented and creative at whatever you do and I wish I had one ounce of your abilities!! What a fabulous party and WHAT an amazing cake!!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I love throwing parties, especially for family and friends. One of these days I need to throw a party for ME. Hmmm...what cake would I do?? What's funny is that I don't even like cake. I'm more of a pie kind of girl :)

  2. I am speechless that one woman could do all this! You are fabulous at whatever you do and your brother is lucky to have such an amazing sister. Love it!

    1. Thanks, Karen. It was actually a lot of fun, but it did take a lot of time.

  3. I am not worthy! You are incredible.

    1. Ha! Thanks, Mary. Though it was lots of fun and I love a good party, I don't think I will ever do cakes full-time. It is just a fun hobby to celebrate family birthdays :)

  4. Hey you truly did wonderful work on your brother’s surprise birthday party. I love this star wars theme. He is so lucky to have you as younger sister. Now I am also thinking to host such a stunning party for my brother but instead of home I would like to host it at one of his favorite LA venues.

    1. That sounds awesome! I just did another Star Wars cake - a BB8 one. Hopefully I will get it up soon. You can't go wrong with a Star Wars cake :)

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