Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Remembrandt Audiobook is Live!!

It's here! It's finally here. Production started last fall and now the first book in the Remembrandt series is live on Audible (through Amazon) with the amazing narrator Austenne Grey. Also, the song I sang and co-wrote with my brother, Aaron LuBean, is on the audiobook (at the end)! SO exciting.

Best YA Audiobook
Remembrandt Audiobook with narration by Austenne Grey

You can listen to a sample on Amazon, download it for your iPhone, computer, or iPod (do people still use these?!?).

Just in case you didn't know, Remembrandt is a spy/thriller/adventure perfect for teens or adults that like to keep it PG. The series follows the story of Alexandra Stewart. With her eidetic memory, the seventeen-year-old can't forget anything. Ever. When she solves an impossible puzzle for her Russian professor, Alex is catapulted into a life of cryptic codes, covert missions, and unexpected love.

The books are best read in this order:

1. Remembrandt
2. Van Gogh Gone
3. Memory of Monet

All three books are available in print and ebook (Kindle or other) on Amazon, Deseret Book, or ask about it at your local book store.

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