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Gift Ideas for Teens that Love to Read

Admit it. It’s hard to please those teenagers. They usually want money, a new phone, or something so astronomically expensive that you can’t get it for them. Coming up with ideas of birthday, graduation, or Christmas gifts between $5-$40 is difficult. Readers are a little easier – you can always get them a book – but what if you want to branch out and do something related to reading for those book lovers, and even more?

Don’t worry. I’ve done all the work for you. Here’s a bunch of ideas of things I love (I'm a nerdy reader too). You can always check out LitJoy Crate's shop or just get a book crate, which is basically a box that includes a new release book (an exclusive edition that is signed by the author!) and 5-7 items that go with the book. LitJoy crate does one-time crates or you can subscribe for 3, 6, or 12 months for the gift that keep giving too. The LitJoy subscription crates are ALWAYS new release books so you can make sure that the person you are giving the gift to, is getting something unique and different than they already have too.
Here’s my list of favorite gift ideas for teens and young adults that love to read:


Book Boyfriend Bath Fizzes (Set of 4) –  Get dirty while getting clean! Enjoy these LitJoy-designed bath fizzes, perfect for relaxing in the tub with your favorite book. Each bath fizz was created with all-natural ingredients and inspired by some of the most iconic book boyfriends. In this set enjoy a bath fizz representing Jace from the Shadowhunters series, Rhysand from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series, Edward from the Twilight series, and Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.


Dragon Scale Leggings – Scaly in appearance but not in texture, these Dragon Scale Leggings are silky and soft. We just can’t get enough of dragons. Pair the Dragon Scale Leggings with these awesome books: The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli, Onyx and Ivory by Mindee Arnett, or In Search of Lost Dragons by Élian Black’mor, Carine M., Patrick Jézéquel, Jason Ullmeyer.


LitJoy Crate – book box subscriptions are all the rage right now. We love these, especially if you want to spoil a teen or adult every month for a certain amount of time. But sometimes you just want to get one crate. LitJoy has several crates that you can just order one right now for only $29.99, shipped either to you or to them!
Here are the ones they have now:
Sci-Fi Galaxy Games Crate which includes the author-signed book Nyxia by Scott Reintgen, as well as 10 other book-related items.
Viva la Magic Young Adult Crate - Love. Magic. Revolution. Enchantée is Gita Trelease’s lush and imaginative debut fantasy about an impoverished magic-wielding girl, her devotion to her family, and her dangerous plot! Includes a signed edition book with exclusive dust jacket and author letter.
Born Rebel Young Adult Crate - This South Indian–inspired fantasy trilogy follows one rebel girl’s mission to assassinate a ruthless general—only to have her heart captured by a greater force. This LitJoy exclusive book comes with 3 LitJoy trading cards from the Shadowhunter series, a reverse dust jacket art by Tara Spruit (@taratjah), a tip-in page with author letter and signature, and 5 other book-inspired items.
Tea Lovers Young Adult CratePour a cup of tea and dive into a book full of mystery and intrigue! Included in this crate: The Young Adult novel: The Leaf Reader by Emily Arsenault, a story that blends the line between realistic contemporary and paranormal fiction, plus 7 book-related items.


This pillowcase was inspired by Sanctuary by Caryn Lix. “I am a leaf on the wind; watch how I soar.” The prisoners on Sanctuary are from all walks of life but they have one thing in common: they want to get away from the system. Their determination and grit reminded us of another one of our favorite stories set in space . . . Firefly! Ominstellar and The Alliance are definitely from the same mold and we were so excited to represent the sci-fi classic Firefly! Now cuddle up with your pillow and start reading!


Kindred Spirits Candle – This candle was Inspired by the books, Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery, and Kat and Meg Conquer the World by Anna Priemaza. When Kat & Meg meet in science class, they realize they couldn’t be more different. But as project partners, they realize that they bring out the best in one another! This reminded us of one of our favorite literary friendships: Anne and Diana from Anne of Green Gables. It just goes to show that you can find your true bosom friend anywhere, even science class. Muggle Library Candles crafts hand-poured candles inspired by favorite books and fandoms! This particular candle smells like raspberry cordial, straight from the pages of Anne of Green Gables.


Harry Potter Patronus Inifinity Scarf – Inspired by For a Muse of Fire by Heidi Heilig. “I thought they were hallucinations at first. But they persisted . . . and I began to recognize them for what they were. The tiny vana of moths, drawn to the candlelight; the arvana of songbirds, flitting through the trees.” Jetta’s power to direct animal souls into her fan touches immediately reminded us of the magical look of a Patronus. Jetta also wears a scarf throughout the book to hide the burns on her shoulders. We knew we wanted to combine the two, and to represent that same animal magic with a LitJoy-exclusive Patronus scarf! Get free shipping on this product when purchased with any past crate!


Going Outside is Highly Overrated Tote – Inspired by the novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. This quote illustration by the talented Evie Seo has so many fun details tying back to one of our favorite sci-fi novels. This tote is 100% cotton. Bag dimensions: 15.5 in. wide x 19.5 in. tall

#8 – Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Bluetooth Shower Speaker – You're in the shower, hair shampooed into a mohawk, and you think to yourself: I wish I could be listening to an audiobook right now! Well good news, we have a solution! This Shower Speaker boasts some incredibly convenient features: it is waterproof, the easy-to-use suction cup keeps it in place on your shower wall, batteries last for up to 6+ hours of listening, and it is equipped with hands-free Bluetooth capabilities! Get free shipping on this product when purchased with any past crate!


Lavender Eye Mask – Inspired by the book, Kat and Meg Conquer the World, by Anna Priemaza. Slip on this luxurious lavender eye mask, made exclusively for LitJoy, as you relax & fall asleep. When you wake up, you will be ready to conquer your fears and anxieties, just like Kat from Kat and Meg Conquer the World.


Strange the Dreamer Notebook – Inspired by Laini Taylor’s novel Muse of Nightmares. “These two birds, side by side, represented their new selves, god and ghost, and their new abilities too. Both had their limitations: Sarai’s sparrow could sing but not fly. Lazlo’s could fly but not sing.” This moment of Muse of Nightmares was so lovely, we knew we had to represent it in the book. Use this stunning hardback notebook to take notes of your dreams, nightmares, and sketch away the day.


Lord of the Rings Wooden Bookmark – “Don’t adventures ever have an end? I suppose not. Someone else always has to carry on the story.”  – J.R.R. Tolkien. This ultra-thin colorful wooden bookmark is perfect for marking a page in your latest read! This beautiful wooden bookmark, crafted by Ink and Wonder, is made from 100% sustainable and ethically sourced timber. This bookmark is also included in our Chosen One Young Adult Crate. Get free shipping on this product when purchased with any past crate!

#12 – Key gel Pen

Key Gel Pen - This clever and cute key-shaped gel pen glides easily onto paper and the ultra-fine tip makes it perfect for journaling! It comes in 4 varying designs, each one shaped like a key! Get free shipping on this product when purchased with any past crate!


#13 Weasley is our King ENAMEL PIN

Weasley can save anything,
He never leaves a single ring,
That's why Gryffindors all sing
Weasley is our King.”
Weasley is out King - Ron Weasley will always be our favorite king and underdog! Decorate your book bags, pin banners, or favorite jacket with this LitJoy-exclusive enamel pin!
Get free shipping on this product when purchased with any past crate!


Tale of the Three Brothers Tote Bag – Inspired by For a Muse of Fire by Heidi Heilig. One of Jetta’s favorite Shadow Plays to perform is “The King of Death and the Three Brothers.” The emotion and magic in her performance, as well as the storyline, was very reminiscent of the “Tale of the Three Brothers” from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! We decided to feature this iconic tale as an illustration on a useful tote bag, as Jetta likes to keep her fantouches (i.e. puppets) safe in her traveling bag.
Get free shipping on this product when purchased with any past crate!

#15 – Snake Makeup Brushes

Snake Makeup Brushes - Esha is a legend: the Viper, yet no one knows. ;) And the infamous Viper assassin uses her custom whips with snakes emblazoned on the handle to strike down foes! These snake handle makeup brushes, reminiscent of Nagini from Harry Potter, are the perfect cosmetic accessory for book-lovers and born rebels.
Get free shipping on this product when purchased with any past crate!


Tea Light Set – Perhaps one of the most visually captivating moments of For a Muse of Fire is the use of flickering candles to create a shadow effect for the shadow puppet performance. The way that light and shadows hide the secrets of Jetta’s magic just had to be represented! So we included your own set of little battery-powered lights for you to perform your own shadow puppet show (or to set the mood for reading For a Muse of Fire) :).


Nina and Inej Print – Don’t miss this gorgeous take on two characters, Nina and Inej, from Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows series. Created by artist Katherine Butler of The Watercolorie (frame not included).

#18 – Throne of Glass Quote Book Sleeve

Throne of Glass Book Felt Sleeve – When it comes to our favorite literary rebels, there is none so snarky and charming as Celeana from Throne of Glass. She’s also a deadly assassin, just like protagonist Esha! This quote is the perfect quote for book-lovers, and this book sleeve can keep your books protected against the evils of bent corners!

#19 –Celaena Sardothian Dragon Socks

Celaena Sardothian Dragon Socks (knee high socks) - A dress can be a weapon in a rebel’s arsenal. Especially when that rebel is Celaena from Throne of Glass and the dress is a black number with a golden dragon on the back! We wanted to do our own take on Celaena’s famous dress with these High Dragon Socks! Wear them to keep cozy in the winter or with shorts in the spring!


Labyrinth Coin Purse – “‘That means if we don’t find another witch to perform the spell again, then by Saturday at midnight . . . We’ll turn back to animals,’ Beau whispered.” While the threat of turning back into an animal is something that looms over the Beastie’s in Grim Lovelies, we couldn’t help but be reminded of another character that changes into an animal. Being Goblin King comes with all sorts of magical powers, but sometimes a character needs to enter the mortal world and mess around with humans, kidnap babies, spy on beautiful girls, and whatnot. For this, Jareth morphs into a Barn Owl. The Labyrinth clock has 13 hours on it, not 12. As the famous song lyrics from the movie go, “It’s only forever, not long at all.”

#21 – six of crows magnetic bookmarks set

Six of Crows Magnetic Bookmark Set - Magic, mischief, and a game of cards? Look no further than Six of Crows! It’s true that the French royals in Enchantée dive head first into the dangers of magic, gambling, and a decadent lifestyle. Camille’s infiltration into the Palace of Versailles reminded us of our favorite band of infiltrators: Six of Crows! Mark your pages with Kaz, Inej, and the fantastic quote: “A good magician isn’t much different from a proper thief.”
Get free shipping on this product when purchased with any past crate!


Galaxy Leggings – Soft, silky and out of this world. We designed these galaxy leggings for you to get cozy reading your favorite intergalactic sci-fi novel. Pair the Galaxy Leggings with these awesome books: The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, The Illuminae Files by Amy Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, The Nyxia Triad Series by Scott Reintgen


Forbidden Forest Candle – “They said the woods weren’t friendly after sundown. They said bad things lurked in the forest, hidden behind dank, fallen boughs. The good people of Kilshamble liked nothing more than blood and gore. We were fed gruesome stories with mother’s milk.
Lurking in the forest of The Wren Hunt one can encounter the Tree Man and his Tuanacul–the women with lips of petals, their touch as soft as a leaf, who will kiss you senseless, breathing poison into your veins. They lure you, they seduce you with their charm and beauty! This magical danger immediately reminded us of the mysteries that lurk in the Forbidden Forest outside Hogwarts. Now light a candle and make sure to keep your wits about you!


Rebel Scum Pin – Inspired by Sanctuary by Caryn Lix. What would a sci-fi crate be without a little nod to the greatest space opera of all time? And just as Star Wars had its Rebel Resistance, Sanctuary has its rebel prisoners! Now wear your “Rebel Scum” pin with pride!


Ceramic DIY Mug Planter – For tealovers, this DYI ceramic planter is extra fun because you can make it your own! Paint or color it to your preference, then plant! You can decorate it and gift it or give it and let your book lovers do it themselves. If you want to make it bookish, we did a tutorial on making a Harry Potter and other bookish inspired tea cup here.

We hope you enjoy giving (and getting) these gifts for the next Christmas, birthday, graduation, or just because.

About the Author: Robin M. King is an author of three young adult novels (Remembrandt Series), devourer of books, and lover of brownie batter and cheesy superhero shows.

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