Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Day in the Life . . .

A friend of mine recently posted about her schedule each day and I wondered what mine would look like on a normal day. Then I decided that "normal" and "typical" are relative terms at the King household. Every day brings fun and chaos wrapped up in a myriad of colorful packages. If I kept track of what I did during the week of Halloween with costumes and Halloween class parades and parties it would be totally different than the day I spent ironing all of Jeff's work shirts for the week or the week I put wood floors in our bedroom (Love them! It was about time.)

That being said, I picked a random day this past week and jotted down what I did all day long. So to the seven twelve people (I'm an optimist!) who will actually read this post, here's:

2:20am  Baby Alana woke up. I fell asleep while feeding her.

5:15 Alana woke up again, fed her again. Reset my 5:35 alarm for 5:40 (every extra minute of sleep counts)

5:40 Alarm went off. Threw on my running clothes and shoes. Told Henry (10) who was already up eating a bowl of cereal to go back to bed (gotta love Daylight Savings).

6:00 Met some friends to run 5.5 miles in 34 degrees. Only chilly for the first mile, then it was perfect.

7:00 Washed dishes (our dishwasher has never cleaned very well so we usually just do them by hand).

7:15 Told Elijah (7) to get ready for school.

7:20 Made 3 bowls of Rice Krispies and bananas slices for Elijah, Charly, and Trevor.

7:15 Folded a load of laundry and started another.

7:25 Family prayer and Jeff left for work.

7:26 Found a pair of pants for Elijah because he “couldn't find any.” He had at least 5 pairs hanging in his closet. 

7:35 Tied Elijah's shoes (He says he missed the day in Kindergarten they taught how to tie shoes.), spiked his hair and sent him out the door to school.

8:00 Put away a basket of laundry. Helped Trevor (5) find clothes for school (again, they were where they always are).

8:35 Did Trevor and Henry's hair. Sent them to school.

8:40 Cleaned off table and counter.

8:45 Tried to fix broken drawer in bedroom. Gave up after 15 minutes.

9:00 Started writing.

9:05 Baby Alana woke up. Changed her diaper. Went to get her clothes. She pooped in the clean diaper while I was picking out her clothes so I changed her diaper again and put her clothes on her. Helped Charly (3) get dressed. Finished after 2 wardrobe changes.

9:15 Continued writing. Fed baby while writing.

9:30 Made Charly chocolate milk, finished doing dishes. Started to make my bed and realized the sheets and comforter were filthy. Stripped the bed of everything, including pillow cases and put in the laundry room.

9:45 Started writing again.

9:50 Took Charly potty, but because she drank all the chocolate milk, she had to change her clothes again because they got a little pee on them.

10:00 Baby fussy. Tried to distract her with toys. Didn't work. Put her in her saucer to play. Didn't work. Walked around the house cleaning up toys and out of place things while rocking baby.

10:25 Alana fell asleep. Put her in bed. (Is it only 10:30am? Seriously?)

10:45 Continued writing (up to 400 words now - Whew! that took a long time).

11:00 Took a bath and continued writing on my phone while waiting for water to fill up.

11:15 Got dressed. Put on a movie for Charly. Cleaned up some toys in the theater room.

11:45 Dried hair and finished getting ready.

12:00 Picked up Trevor from school.

12:15 Wrote while eating a salad and yogurt for lunch.

12:45 Made lunch for Charly and Trevor.

1:00 Wrote (Got to 1,000 words). Baby woke up somewhere in there and I fed her while typing with one hand.

2:20 Elijah got home from school. Made him practice his spelling while I checked email and social media for a few minutes.

2:45 Started a post for my blog.

3:15 Continued writing.

3:18 Fussy baby. Fed her again. She fell asleep.

3:45 Henry got home from school. Had kids clean up toys. Wrote some more (got to 1700 words!)

4:00-5:30 Tutored one of my students in Math

5:30 Made dinner (Cream of Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese. I know, nothing fancy, but I was in a hurry.)

6:00 Sat down with family for dinner, had to feed baby so I opted to skip dinner because it's too awkward leaning over the table and nursing at the same time.)

6:10 Picked up a friend to go to book signing at The King's English (with Authors Sara Zarr, Brodi Ashton, and Kevin Emerson). Fed baby while there (hate having to nurse in public, even if no one can see me).

Me, Authors Kevin Emerson & Brodi Ashton (holding my baby), and my friend, Kelly
at the King's English Book signing (Sara Zarr was there too, but she escaped before we could camera stalk her.)

9:30 Returned home (Jeff had already put kids. YEA!). Chatted with Jeff. Told him about book signing and seeing an actor at the King's English, an actor who I couldn't figure out where I knew him from. Yeah, it was Treat Williams. He is in several things, but the most recent thing I knew him from was White Collar (he plays the dad of the main character). Bragged about how he kept stopping me and telling me how beautiful my baby was.
Treat Williams apparently frequents The King's English bookstore
& he thinks my baby is beautiful :)
10:00 Did dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. One more load of laundry. Went bar hopping and got a tattoo (Just checking to see if you're still reading).  

10:15 Continued writing while feeding baby. Reached my goal of 2,000 words.

10:45-11:30 Got ready for bed, finally got baby to sleep. Laid down and fell asleep within minutes.

Are you still awake? Seriously, go to bed. I'm exhausted just writing it.