Friday, August 17, 2018

Young Adult Books: The Remembrandt Series by Robin M. King

You're a seventeen year old with an eidetic memory (basically you recall events like a movie playing in your head with perfect detail). After a tragic accident, you move across the U.S. to the tiniest state of Rhode Island. But you can't run away from your memories. You can, however, run into an adorable boy who makes your heart race and helps you make new memories. Then your Russian teacher starts giving you puzzles to solve and you can't get enough of them. When your Russian trip turns out to be less a trip and more a covert mission, you discover that the basement of your school houses a secret spy organization - one that might give you answers to who you are.

How does that sound? Will you join The Company?

Since all three books in the Remembrandt series are finally out and the 3rd and last book in the series is currently being made into an audiobook by the fabulous Austenne Grey, I figured it was time to post the Remembrandt series covers side-by-side!

I love how well the three covers look next to each other, especially with the updated version of the first cover. I'm so grateful for our model, Marli, and the fabulous photographer, Summer Nicole, who made it all possible!

You can get copies of all the books on or If you want it signed, just email me at Authorrobinking @ and I'll make it happen for you. The audiobooks for Remembrandt and Van Gogh Gone are on Audible, but you can download directly from Amazon too. If you're a eBook reader, the publisher just let me know that Remembrandt is only $2.99 and that Van Gogh Gone and Memory of Monet are only $4.99 each! Let me know what you think and I'd love for you to leave a review online too!

Thanks to Hikari (aka Folded Pages Distillery) for this awesome photo of the Remembrandt series.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Book Review: The Windfall App by Teresa Richards + Giveaway!

I love me a good contemporary young adult romance. Throw in some mystery and music and you've got me hooked! I'm so excited I got to read this book by Teresa Richards.

So here's the low-down:

Title: The Windfall App
Author: Teresa Richards
Date: August 2018
Publisher: Evernight Teen
Summary: Marina Berghman is a classical piano prodigy, with parents who’ve had her life mapped out since she was in diapers. But their plan leaves no room for her secret love of alternative rock, or Sean, the edgy guitarist who recently moved to town. 

When Marina buys a lottery ticket on her eighteenth birthday via the new Windfall app, she expects it to be nothing more than a rite of passage. But she wins—the grand prize of five thousand dollars a day for life. Suddenly given the means to break free from a life she never felt in control of, she’s quick to cut her family ties and turn her back on everything she knows.
But her lottery win was no lucky break. Her prize comes with strings attached, and Marina soon finds herself at the center of someone else’s life or death game. When she discovers evidence linking her dad to the intrigue, she turns to Sean for help. But he’s harboring secrets of his own.
Now Marina must sort out who to trust and who’s pulling the strings, before her prize turns into a noose.

Maybe because I love music or maybe because I love her writing, Teresa's book was the perfect summer read for me. I think that teens will LOVE it and adults will want to read it in one sitting (which is basically what I did!).

You can get the ebook on Amazon right now and the print version should be available soon (I'll add a link once it's up). But don't forget to signup for this awesome giveaway:

Also, if you're looking for some other fast and fun young adult reads by Teresa Richards, check out my post on her other books, Emerald Bound and Topaz Reign.