Friday, November 30, 2018

Author Stalker: Caryn Lix {Author of Sanctuary}

Photo credit: @thriftybibliophile
Have you met Caryn Lix yet? Her new book, Sanctuary, is a young adult science fiction. It's just what I needed to get my sci-fi fix. Kenzie, an elite guard on Sanctuary—Omnistellar’s space prison for superpowered teens too dangerous for Earth—is determined to prove herself as a guard. She’s willing to make any sacrifice but when a routine drill goes terribly wrong, Kenzie is taken hostage by rioting teen prisoners. When the commanding officer—who also happens to be her mother—chooses to follow protocol, despite the grave danger her daughter is in, Kenzie is forced to question the unrelenting loyalty of guards to the Omnistellar. Meanwhile, something ancient and evil has clawed its way into Sanctuary from the vacuum of and is about to become a threat to Kenzie’s escape plan. She just might have to team up with her captors to survive, all while beginning to suspect there’s a darker side to the Omnistellar she knows.
The author, Caryn Lix, has been writing since she was a teenager and delved deep into science fiction, fantasy, and the uncanny while working on her masters in English literature. Caryn writes novels for teens and anyone else who likes a bit of the bizarre to mess up their day. When not writing, Caryn spends her time obsessively consuming other people’s stories, plotting travel adventures, and exploring artistic endeavors. She lives with her husband and a horde of surly and entitled animals in southern Alberta.
LitJoy let Caryn take over their Instagram account recently and this is what happened (be prepared, people – she lives in Tokyo!):

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Caryn as much as I did! You can buy Caryn's book, Sanctuary, here. And MORE good news is that LitJoy Crate still has another science fiction book crate available that includes the book, Nyxia by Scott Reintgen.