Monday, April 27, 2020

And the winner is . . .

Thank you for everyone that played along with the contest to win Jennifer A. Nielsen's books and my books. The winner of Jennifer A. Nielsen's books was Carson L.! We will contact you to get you your books.

The winner of my books was Ems! Congratulations. I will be contacting you today for your prizes. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Jennifer A. Nielsen Cover Reveal Contest!

Ever since I read THE FALSE PRINCE by Jennifer A. Nielsen, I have been in love with her writing and stories. Her books are clever, timeless, fun, heart-wrenching, and manage to draw in a large span of age groups no matter what genre she writes.

Win a copy

When I found out she had a new book coming out next year, I had to be a part of a contest with her books as a prize!!

EDITED TO ADD: The contest is now over. The winner of Jennifer A. Nielsen's books was Carson L. YAY!! We will contact you. The contest for my books has also ended. The winner was Ems! YAY!! I will contact you today too!


Below is a grid that you will also find on Jennifer’s website. There are 15 squares and 15 questions to answer. To enter the contest, just answer one question correctly. Each corresponding square has a different blog post with a different question (I’m #12 - see below). When the question is answered correctly, Jennifer will unlock that square on her website to reveal the cover and title of her newest book. Even if the square is unlocked, please visit the blog to get an entry point. The contest is open until every square is unlocked and the full cover is revealed. This means if you visit every blog before the cover is revealed, you can get up to 15 entries.

Win a copy


THREE signed books from Jennifer A. Nielsen, INCLUDING the choice of THE CAPTIVE KINGDOM – or – the first ARC of this new historical book when Jennifer gets a copy.

Win a copy
You can win THREE of her books, including this one that hasn't even come out yet!!

Here's the question you need to answer to enter the contest:


During the German occupation of France, which of these issues was the biggest concern for regular French citizens?

a. Getting enough food
b. Protecting the Jewish people
c. The loss of French freedoms
d. Allied bombings

Just post your answer below in the comments and if you get it right, not only will the square be unlocked on her website, but you will get a chance to win 3 of HER BOOKS! If you go to her website, and follow the links to the other 14 questions, you have a chance for 15 entries!

Do it. You won’t be disappointed. 

(Did you totally read that like an infomercial voiceover?!?)

I will draw a name from those that answer correctly below and you can get 3 of MY BOOKS (Remembrandt series) too (signed, sealed, and delivered). If you already have them, you can choose to get the audiobooks of all three of my books or I’ll send all my books to your favorite person. And if that’s not enough to convince you, you’ll also get an ARC of my next book that releases. Did I convince you yet?

Comment your answer below!