Sunday, March 13, 2016

Giveaway: Remembrandt Series & Ring!

Who's ready for a fast-paced read to get your heart pumping in more ways than one? My book, Remembrandt is a young adult romantic suspense with a Alias/Covert Affairs-like feel, perfect for fans of Ally Carter or just those who wish they could live as a spy.

Photo credit: Folded Pages Distillery

I've partnered with @deliciousreads and @foldedpagesdistillery on Instagram to giveaway the first two books in the series (Remembrandt and Van Gogh Gone), along with a custom ring, only worn by members of the spy organization in the book,The Company. Head on over to Instagram (@AuthorRobinKing) or Facebook (Author Robin King) to enter! 

Here's a synopsis of each book:

young adult romantic suspense
"I don't walk down memory lane. I live on it."

Summary: Alexandra Stewart doesn't just walk down memory lane, she lives on it. Her eidetic memory records her experiences and plays them back, DVD style. It's great when you want to ace a test, but not so great when you topple over a cute boy in the hallway and the humiliation plays back over and over and over . . . Brown University seems like the perfect place for the seventeen-year-old to forget her past. Hope for a normal life comes in the form of a handsome new running partner who makes her heart race and body perspire even before she laces up her shoes.

When her Russian professor gives her a puzzle that seems impossible to solve, Alex discovers that he has a secret – one that will catapult her into a world of secret codes and covert missions. As she tries to find a balance between the two different worlds vying for her attention, she wonders if she can have relationships with the ones she cares about while hiding a clandestine life, uncovering the truths of an underground enemy.

One thing is for certain, whatever happens will be forever etched into her memory. And some things are better left forgotten.

young adult romantic suspense
Remembrandt #2

Summary: Seventeen-year-old Alexandra Stewart finally has a life worth remembering - a Spanish tutor who gives perfecto a new name, a roommate that could double as her sister, and a special role in a secret spy organization that exists in the basement of Brown University.

But when her colleague, Daly, returns from a recent trip to Moscow accompanied by a man she never thought she'd see again, Alex is ripped away from her life in Providence and sent across the globe in search of a stolen piece of art.  In desperate need to find the Van Gogh painting, she will do anything to find it. Anything.

From Barcelona to Paris with only Daly at her side, the bonds of friendship are stretched as the duo uncover a truth neither one of them saw coming. Finding the painting could mean discovering a part of Alex she is ashamed could even exist, but without it, she could lose everything. The world around Alex threatens to corrupt the memories she holds most dear and the person she loves the most is at stake.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Make Your Own Rings

Hey Bookworms! Yes you. I just put together my latest post for Delicious Reads and I thought I would share it with you. Check out how I made "The Company" rings that I like to give out at book launches and signings. I really want to make more of these in different themes. I think they would make the perfect custom gift for a book lover.

Make your own book jewelry

Here's a link to the article: DIY Custom Book-Inspired Rings and Jewelry. Enjoy!