Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Dynamos: My first giveaway contest!

Ever since I started writing my book, Remembrandt, I have been obsessed with anagrams (several of which you will find in the book).  Now for those of you not familiar with what an anagram is, let me explain. An anagram is a word or phrase that can be rearranged to create a new word or phrase.  For example:

Astronomer = Moon starer
Agree = Eager
Float = Aloft

Where you put a space or how the words are separated do not matter.  For my own personal rules, it's only a real anagram if it makes sense or is clever in some way.  Like my name, Robin King, could be rearranged to be "brink go in".  Even though all those words are real words,  it doesn't really make sense and has nothing to do with me.  On the other hand, you could rearrange my name to say "boring kin'.  Now I can surely see a few of my family members huffing up in anger right now, but we are a boring lot!

So for my Monday Dynamos, your challenge is three fold.

1.) In honor of someone quoted in my book, find the anagrammed name in this phrase (don't forget that is doesn't matter where the spaces are - you just have to use all the letters):

Hear me as I will speak = ?

2.) Find an anagram for your name (you could use your middle or last name too, or just your first name).  See if you can find something clever that works for your name!  Just post your answers in the comments section.

3.) Follow me on this blog!


The first person to come up with the correct answer for #1 and the cleverest (is that a word?) anagram of their own name:  You will receive a hardback copy of Cinder by Marissa Meyer, one of my new favorite books.

I'm excited to see what you all come up with.  


  1. Congrats on finishing your book!
    For the first one: William Shakespeare
    The Second: elfin cant
    Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway

  2. Oh what fun!
    Numero uno (see how much spanish I'm learning from your book?!): William Shakespeare
    Numero dos: Here are my favorite anagrams (includes my middle name, which is Anne):
    Elastic Bacon Ninja! - this one rocks cuz I dressed up as Mrs. Incredible for a few Halloweens and she's all elastic-y, and I love bacon, and you know I'm the world's greatest ninja!
    Join A Cannibal Sect - kind of disturbing but hilarious.
    Conceals A Ninja Bit - You know how I like to keep my ninja side hidden.
    Personally, I like Elastic Bacon Ninja the best - I think it really speaks a lot about my personality.
    Cinder's on my reading list, as soon as the 40 bajillion people in front of me on the holds list at the library read it too, lol.
    Now I'm curious- how much research did you have to do for your book? There's a lot in there that I wouldn't know anything about. How long were you planning the book before you started writing it?

    1. Caitlin, as for research for my book, I didn't do any ahead of time. Somethings I knew about, but the rest I just did the research as I came upon the topic (i.e. anagrams, latin, medical terminology, Russia, etc). I had the idea of a spy-like series in my head for about 5 or 6 years before I started writing last year. (btw, love your anagrammed name!)

  3. Hi Robin, nice to meet you :-) I'm a new follower and am glad I found you on book blogs. If you'd like to join my blog back, this is the link :-) thanks a lot! hope to see you there :)

    1. I followed you back! Your pictures of India are amazing!

  4. I will be closing this contest on Sunday, July 15th at midnight. Since most people obviously know the answer to #1 now, I'll be judgiing on creativity of your anagrammed name!

  5. Ok Im throwing my hat in the ring...
    1) William Shakespeare
    2) Here's my favorite crazy anagram for my name:

    Got A Beech Mother Killer?

    I took the liberty of adding a ? at the end, because then it goes along with the Got Milk? slogan everyone loves. Im picturing one of the milk models with a milk mustache on a beach with a smoking gun. Or perhaps a knife. You don't really think of mothers and killers at the same time, so I love the juxtaposition.
    I am also currently writing a book, and mine is a psychological thriller. I will definitely follow your blog and here's the link to mine, if you'd like to follow!
    Can't wait to read more posts from you!

    Your book sounds awesome. I love stories with puzzles like it sounds like you are doing.

    1. yeah... next time I'll actually POST the link:

  6. Thanks for everyone's participation. I hope to do a contest every few months.

    and the winner is . . . Elastic Baoon Ninja! Way to go, caitlinjacobs! Email me your address and the book will be on its way.