Friday, September 5, 2014

Top 24 Books for Teen Boys

It's sometimes hard to get our boys to read, let alone LOVE reading. I grew up with seven brothers and most of my best friends growing up were boys too. For the longest time I wished I was a boy - I even wrote a poem all about it (that no one will ever see). Now that I have three boys of my own, I realize the importance of finding the right book fit for the male population.

In conjunction with Delicious Reads, I put together this list of books that I think any tween or teen boy (and adult male) would enjoy. They aren't all told from the male perspective and not all filled with gun and bombs. They are just books that have a quality about them that makes them relate-able. Hop on over to Delicious Reads for summaries of each book, but until then, I give you the best books for the boys and men in your life:

Book covers of all the books Robin King recommends to teen boys

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