Friday, July 3, 2015

Remembrandt Cast of Characters

People often ask me if I had a certain person in mind when I started writing a character for Remembrandt. The truth of the matter is: I just made them up. I didn't have a celebrity or friend that I imagined looked exactly like my characters. In fact, some of the characters changed appearance while I was writing the book (green eyes changed to blue, blonde hair became brown).

Now that I am working on revising book 2 in the Remembrandt series, I've come to discover that what I picture certain characters in my book look like may not be how they are portrayed on the page to my readers. When I started attending book clubs, I decided that it would be fun to create a Pinterest board of possible people that might fit as a CAST if I made a Remembrandt movie.

You requested. I answered! Here are my top picks for characters in the book:

Jason Statham, Josh Zuckerman, Jonathan Goldsmith
For those curious, William and Daly are models and I couldn't find their names anywhere (please let me know if you find out who they are!). Alexandra is a sweet gal I know named Marli who modeled for the cover of Book 2 (to be revealed soon . . .). Elijah is actor Jason Statham. Millard is Josh Zuckerman (from the new 90210). Golkov is actor Jonothan Goldsmith.

Is this anything like you pictured these characters? Send me your suggestions!

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