Thursday, September 3, 2015

40 Clean Reads for Teens

I've done it again. I know. It's another book list. The last list I did for Delicious Reads, Top 24 Books for Teen Boys, was so successful that I decided it was time to put together a list of books that any teen could read. I've been arranging a list for a while now that includes books I would feel comfortable having my daughter read when she is a teen (even though she is currently five years old). 

These books would get a PG rating (no swearing, sex, drugs, alcohol, or too much violence). Does that make these books boring? Heck no! It just means you can read them without being offended, embarrassed or guilty about the content. These would be perfect reading for school, teen book clubs, or anyone that likes to read good, clean young adult novels.

PG Rated Books

About four years ago, I started giving all the books I've read a "Robin-Approved for Teens" tag at the bottom of my reviews in GoodReads. I'm still adding to the list, but I pulled from it my favorite ones to make this list for Delicious Reads. I'd love help adding more to my list on GoodReads as well. You can add books to the group by joining it. It's called Clean Teen Reads (Robin-approved).

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