Thursday, October 5, 2017

This Never Happens! .99 for Remembrandt

I'm seriously a little shocked that I was able to convince my publisher to offer the ebook of Remembrandt for .99! It's been nearly 3 years since the first book in the Remembrandt series has come out.  I've been wanting to do it since the final book in the series, Memory of Monet, came out. And now it is under a dollar! Spread the word because it will only stay this way a short time.

(Why I'm Busy and What I'm Writing Next)

  • I'll be at The League of Utah Writers Conference Friday, October 5. You can still signup or just show up (because Friday is FREE). I won't be at an official booth or teaching, but if you see me, I'd be happy to sign a book (I'll keep a few with me if you want to buy one). Also, anyone who sees me and wants a free audiobook of Remembrandt just has to mention they read it here and it theirs! Or just email me or message me if you promise to add a review online and it's yours too.
  • Van Gogh Gone Audiobook is almost here! (It should be ready by November 1).
  • Remembrandt Audiobook available here or on Amazon!
  • I'm teaching a writing bootcamp and a class at Snow College on October 13-14 at Write Here in Ephraim. You can still register!
  • My latest completed manuscript, The Forgotten Sin-you is a young adult fantasy that is a loosely-based retelling of Sword and the Stone with Eastern Asian influences, a female protagonist, a mythical creature, and the heist of a century. I'm currently agent hunting. I have had great interest and some requests for the full manuscript and I've only contacted 7 agents. I have my *fingers crossed* that my favorite agent wants it, but if they pass, I've got a list of potential ones I'm hoping to submit to soon! 
  • I'm participating in NANOWRIMO this year! Basically, it National Novel Writing Month and you write 1,667 words per day for the whole month to get 50,000 words towards a new novel. I'm planning on starting the sequel to The Forgotten Sin-you.
  • On October 26 at 6pm, I'll be at eBorn Books (254 S. Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT) with some other authors talking about Horror, Thrillers, and Romantic Suspense. I'll also be chatting about how to make espionage come alive on the page (Event link here).
  • I've started taking Shotokan Karate with my husband with Ronin Dragon Karate. I've always wanted to learn a martial art and my husband and I needed something to do together (I think 'couples karate' should be a thing and considered a form of marriage therapy). It was also sparked by my love of Eastern Asia (my research for my newest novel) and watching Iron Fist on Netflix. I've also started to do more yoga since my last marathon because of some overuse injuries. I'm starting to understand my CHI and how to focus myself mentally, which I always thought was weird, but now I think is amazing.
  • I participated in Salt Lake Comic Con this year, including my stint as Fleur Delacour from Harry Potter, a performance on stage in front of thousands of people, and a Stephen Amell sighting. All of which gave me butterflies - literally too, because I had butterflies releasing from my hands during my performance. My costume didn't win any contests, but I had so many people ask how I made it and have their picture taken with me, it was worth it (here's my tutorial on how I made it).

I'm hoping my next NEWS with be even bigger than my 99 cent book (your prayers and fingers crossing strongly encouraged as I agent hunt).



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