Thursday, February 28, 2019

Laini Taylor Teaches Us How to Make a Journal

The beautiful and creative author, Laini Taylor, took over LitJoy Crate this past week! Well, at least she took over their Instagram account. I loved her Daughter of Smoke and Bone series, so when I heard about a new series, starting with Strange the Dreamer, I was ecstatic! It was so good and the second book in the series, Muse of Nightmares was too.
Laini was so sweet when LitJoy asked for her to be a part of the LitJoy experience. She was all in. We lucked out too, because she decided to show us the journals that she uses to brainstorm for all of her books. They are fantastic! So fantastic, that she took over LitJoy's Instagram Stories and showed us how she makes them. They are so perfect!
Here’s what you’ll need to make them:
— journals (she uses these cool ones from Clairefontaine)
— collage papers
— exacto knife and straight edge for perfect cutting
— acrylic matte medium
— some pieces of cardboard (or heavy paper will do)
— some craft paint
— big cheap foam stamps
— rub-on transfer designs & letters
Watch Laini Taylor on our @litjoycrate stories here:
If you want some more detailed instructions, you can check out Laini’s blog here
I hope you enjoyed the takeover as much as we did! I really wish LitJoy had more of these crates left to sell because they were so good, but you can still get the Lazlo and Sarai Notebook.

About the Author: Robin M. King is the author of three young adult novels (Remembrandt Series), devourer of books, and lover of brownie batter and cheesy superhero shows.

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