Friday, January 15, 2021

Where in the World is Robin M. King?

I try and keep my social media updated, but sometimes my posts get lost in the abyss that is Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. I've had questions, so I figure it's time to answer them! But first, family photo time:

Author Robin King and Family
The King Family 2020

What's your next book coming out?

I'm currently on submission with The Girl with Two Hearts, which means we have submitted the book to publishers and are waiting to hear back. I'm super excited for the book to get in the hands of readers! I've had such good feedback from beta readers (like over 100 readers giving it 5 stars!), so I have high hopes for this story about a Heterotrophic transplant survivor named Grace who has one last wish before her two hearts give out: get a standing ovation, but when a singing performance sends her to the hospital, Grace has to decide if giving up singing will break her hearts, instead of saving them.

Mock Cover for my newest YA Contemporary
The Girl with Two Hearts

Did I hear you're writing a children's book?

YES! In fact, even though we haven't officially "released" it yet, its already available on AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE, KOBO and more! What?!? There's a cute story behind this book. Many of you know that I used to be a teacher for several years and I've been a private tutor as well. One of my students, Alex, who is originally from Romania, is a seventh-grader now. We started writing a children's book together about a year ago. It was just a fun project to teach her about the process of writing, editing, creating graphics, and the journey of publishing. As we got more into the process, she asked if we could actually publish it. So we did! The book is called "Postcards from Pinky." It is about a young girl and her stuffed unicorn who accidentally gets put in Grandma's suitcase and ends up traveling the world with her and sending postcards along the way. It's a cute story for kids and those that love to see the world around us and travel. We will be doing an official book launch on January 30 (details to come!). You can order the book on most platforms now (including ebook) and bring it to the book signing for us to sign. We will also have several copies of the book at the launch for you to buy :)

Postcards from Pinky by Alex Chase and Robin King,
a fun picture book about a stuffed unicorn's adventure traveling the world.


Barnes & Noble


What are you writing now?

I just finished editing another YA contemporary romance called The Blemish Book about a teen birdwatcher who creates a Book of Rules to help him cope with his face blindness. When he starts breaking the rules for a girl he likes, the safe world he’s been living in begins to fall apart and the only thing that will save him is to find the supposedly extinct passenger pigeon. This one is set in Montauk, New York. The setting and bird watching will make you want to move there. For reals. I'm still working with my agent on this one and will probably do another edit in the next few weeks.

I'm also just finished writing my 10th novel! This book I call Tri Me is a YA contemporary romance about a girl with little athletic ability who joins a triathlon team to prove she can be an all-star athlete like her brothers. Falling for a teammate isn't part of her plan and neither is having to use the triathlon to help save her family's reputation. I adore this book for its sweet love story and the parts where I get to use my triathlete experience within the pages!

Remembrandt, Van Gogh Gone, and Memory of Monet by Author Robin King
Remembrandt, Van Gogh Gone, & Memory of Monet
by Robin M. King

What happened with the Remembrandt series? Will Alexandra go on more adventures?

There are actually BIG things happening with this 3-book series. Remembrandt is getting an overhaul this year: NEW COVERS, NEW CONTENT, UPDATED AUDIOBOOKS, and MORE (hint, hint  . . . hardback cover?!). I don't have dates on this, but the plan is to have new stuff by the summer. Whoo hoo! I'll keep you updated.

Other than that, I'm still trucking along. My new writing office is almost done and I will post pictures soon (probably in entire new blog post). Once my office is complete, I will be spending much more time this year writing, editing, and updating my website (it needs an overhaul). 2021 will for sure be a crazy year for me. Lots of books to be published, my oldest son going off to college (I'm too young for this!), my youngest baby girl will start kindergarten, and our new home that we moved into in October might finally get decorated. And maybe, if this Rona thing calms down, you'll find me writing on the beach too.

My son and I hiked to the top of Mount Timpanogas
Fall 2020. Yes, he's taller than me now (he grew 3 inches in the last 6 months!)

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