Saturday, October 28, 2023

My Newsletter - An Update on Robin M. King

 This is the start of something NEW!

So . . . it’s been a minute since I’ve shared much about where my writing is right now. I haven’t had a new book out for a bit and I keep getting questions!

1. Why this, why now?

I haven’t done a regular newletter before because I share stuff on social media, but with all the algorithms and things getting lost, I thought it was high time I had a newsletter to keep my friends, family, and readers up to date on my books, my life, and stuff. You can subscribe here because I won't be posting everything to my blog. 

2. What’s new?

I’m still writing! I have 4 polished books that are in different stages of the publishing process (including my first adult romance) and I can’t wait to share more as they are published! My spy series is in a new box set with other others (YAY!). The whole series will be getting a refresh in the coming months with new hardback covers. I’ll be sharing them first in my newletter. The first part I get to share just with my newletter subscribers is that the series is getting a NEW name! Each book will keep it’s current title, but the series will now be called “The Art of Espionage” series which I think is super fitting since it’s all about spies and pieces of artwork. If you’ve read the series, you know that Alexandra wants to continue her mom’s mission of discovering stolen works of art. I love the new name!

Spy Like a Girl Anthology - 7 of the Best Teen Spy Novels

3. Any spoilers on your new books?

I can’t give a lot of specifics right now on my NEW BOOKS, but I will start sharing in the coming months. So stay tuned! One hint I will give is that one of my new books has a main character who becomes a surrogate mother and I finally get to share some of my thoughts about being a surrogate (but in a fictional book). It was such fun to put into words the things I experienced.

4. Subscribe to this Newsletter to keep up to date!

As I said before, I won't be posting everything here, especially as I give my old school website a new look in the coming year. My website will be more a place to find out info on my books and less about the process or my personal life or journey. So if you'd like to stay up to date and not miss anything, make sure subscribe to my newsletter (make sure to select the FREE option!).

Remembrandt series by Robin M. King with spy objects and secret files

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