Friday, March 29, 2024

Updated Covers: The Art of Espionage series

I'm all about a little bit of a rehaul every now and then and the Remembrandt series needed one! This young adult spy romance series is now entitled "The Art of Espionage" and still includes all three books in the series: Remembrandt, Van Gogh Gone, and Memory of Monet! All your favorite characters (Alex, William, Daly . . . sigh) - they are all there with some new formatting and updated covers. Most of you won't be able to tell the difference, but I sure can! The main difference is the imagery on the front cover now wraps around the back (hello Russia, France, and Mexico!). The back cover copy/book summary has also been updated. If you look closely at the spine, you will also see The Company logo which is the same imagery as on Alex's ring in the story! It feels so fresh and shiny now. The hardcover book will be coming soon, but for now you can still enjoy the audiobook with the fabulous voice of Austenne Grey, 7-time award nominated actress, and the shiny new ebook and paperback—which actually isn't shiny; it now comes in a matte finish. Thanks to the beautiful cover model, Marli Sharp, and the lovely photographer, Summer Nicole, who did the original photos. I couldn't be more pleased about these beauties!

Here are the new gorgeous cover layouts:

Remembrandt (Art of Espionage #1) by Robin M. King book cover

Van Gogh Gone(Art of Espionage #2) by Robin M. King book cover

Memory of Monet (Art of Espionage #3) by Robin M. King

Thanks to everyone who has continued to read my books and follow my author journey! If you're looking for some other teen spy stories, don't forget to check out the Spy Like a Girl box set that my first book is in. I love this box set because you can get 7 ebooks for only $4.99. They are all such good reads!

Here's a little synopsis of each book in the set:

Seven full-length novels of girls doing spy stuff the way only spy-girls can.

Adrenaline Rush - Cindy M Hogan
Christy must take on the fearless alter ego of an adrenaline-crazed teenager in order to catch a madman who’s threatening thrill-seeking high school seniors across the country.

For Your Ears Only - Emily Kazmierski
Loveday hopes her years of spy training will pay off when she and her team are chosen for their first international espionage mission.

Unleashed - Susan Cady Allred
After realizing that her father had actually been training her to be a spy, Aleasha takes on an undercover mission at a high school where violence runs rampant.

Remembrandt - Robin M. King
When she discovers a spy organization in the basement of Brown University, Alex is catapulted into a world of cryptic codes and covert missions—not to mention handsome running partners.

Death by Midnight - Nicole Nadeau
Anna will need her genius IQ and her knack for clever contraptions when she’s forced to take on a Russian terrorist who has kidnapped her family.

Spies Like Me - Doug Solter
Emma follows in her parents’ footsteps when she’s given the chance to join their mysterious spy organization and take down the villains responsible for her father’s plane crash.

Spies Never Quit - M Taylor Christensen
After being recruited by a pair of spy-sorority girls, Mari goes undercover to rescue her mother from captors who want to steal her nano-bot research.

I also did a little review of some of these books for Shepherd if you want to check it out! 

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